Hello again.

My front two teeth are fake, we'll call that an accident. However this accident allows me to eat
ice cream more efficiently than other humans. 

I spent 3 years working at TBWA Chiat/ Day New York under many great people, then they
left to pursue other ventures, I stayed for a bit longer than I should have. 

Following that, I found myself in the hallowed halls of BBDO NY, the fruits of which you see
on the previous pages of this website. 

Since moving to Copenhagen I've explored the realm of a freelancer, teacher, explorer, illustrator
and then found myself back in the world of advertising at VICE / VIRTUE for the last 2 years -
which has allowed me to collaborate with some great brands and people, and hone some new
skills in directing, managing, preparing lessons and growing up a bit. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or want to see more work. 

Thank you. 

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